Making new discoveries from old data: Utilizing digital scholarship to foster new research in Special Collections

The University of Michigan Library is exploring a framework for fostering new and original research in Special Collections which moves beyond traditional scholarship methods. We are currently utilizing existing Special Collections data from finding aids, along with openly available digital scholarship tools, to identify and visualize hidden connections and social networks among creators of our archival collections. This new information can serve as a novel and innovative resource to help guide further research with Special Collections materials. In the future, we hope to build upon this framework in an innovative "library lab" model to support digital scholarship on campus, facilitate connections between researchers, and incubate projects, positioning Special Collections as an active collaborator in research using its materials. In this presentation, we will discuss the methodology and tools we are using to surface hidden connections and social networks among individuals represented in our archival collections, as well as our goals for using this as a basis to develop a digital scholarship service.

04:40 PM
10 minutes