Islandora for Developers

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Islandora is a digital asset management system that provides out­of­the­box repository solutions (Solution Packs) for a wide range of digital collections and research domains. Islandora combines the Drupal CMS and Fedora Commons repository software, together with additional open source applications (including Solr), to deliver a wide range of functionality. The proposed workshop will give participants a chance to explore some of the advanced features of Islandora, including the Solr client and the XML Form Builder. After a brief system overview, the instructors will lead participants through the basic steps of configuring the Solr module and conducting repository searches. This will be followed by more advanced Solr configuration and usage.. The instructors will make themselves available during the session and throughout the conference for additional advice/information on configuring and using Solr. The second half of the workshop will focus on creating and editing metadata forms using XML Form Builder. Participants will clone an existing metadata form, and the instructors will guide them through the process of customizing that form to suit various needs. This session is intended for users who are already familiar with the basic functionality of Islandora, though no prior experience with the Solr client or XML Form Builder is required. The session will end with a brief description of the resources available to those looking for more information on Solr, XML Form Builder, and other advanced Islandora technologies. Options for community participation in Islandora development, including customizations, code contributions, and documentation, will also be discussed. Learning Outcomes 1. Users understand the basic Solr and XML Form Builder technologies as they relate to Islandora, and sources for support and additional documentation. 2. Users can configure a basic Solr installation (using Islandora) and conduct searches of repository content. 3. Users are introduced to some of the ways Solr can be customized to suit the needs of their own collections. 4. Users can clone and edit a metadata form using XML Form Builder.


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