Islandora for Managers

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Islandora is a digital asset management system that provides out­of­the­box repository solutions (Solution Packs) for a wide range of digital collections and research domains. Islandora combines the Drupal CMS and Fedora Commons repository software, together with additional open source applications (including Solr), to deliver a wide range of functionality. The proposed workshop will provide users with information about the Islandora software framework, and allow users to test drive a full Islandora installation using local virtual machines or the online Islandora sandbox. After the system overview the instructor will lead participants through the basic functions of an Islandora installation, including new features introduced over the past year. The instructors will make themselves available for the 2nd half of the session and throughout the conference for additional advice/information on running Islandora. This session is intended for all audiences and levels. No prior knowledge of Islandora or repositories is required. If users wish, they can come with digital objects they would like to add (PDF or image collections preferred) and describe in a repository, although sample collections will be provided. The session will end with a brief description of how the community can participate in the development of the Islandora ecosystem, including code contributions, content models, documentation and more. Learning Outcomes 1. Users can create a collection in Islandora, upload objects to the collection, and manage the collection using a suite of collection management tools. 2. Users understand basic Islandora technologies, and sources for support and additional documentation. 3. Users understand and have the opportunity to utilize collaborative research features in a repository.


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