It’s Always Sassy in Philadelphia

Learn how to turn your 2000+ line spaghetti monster CSS file into a modular and manageable collection of components you can reuse!

Workshop will cover:
  • overview of how to use Sass (CodeKit, Rails, libsass, etc.)
  • breaking things apart (CSS Stats, SublimeText plugins, browser extensions, etc.)
  • creating reusable components with variables, mixins, extends (DRYing up your code)
  • organizing and naming (SMACSS and BEM)
  • frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon, Susy, Breakpoint, etc.)
  • build tools (Grunt, Gulp, etc.)
  • other topics we might discuss: PostCSS

We will work through a number of hands on exercises touching on the topics above. These exercises will require the installation of a number of command line utilities that we will guide you through. It is recommended attendees come to the workshop with a machine capable of running OSX with Homebrew or Linux. Windows users will expected to be able to run a virtual instance of Linux using a tool like VirtualBox.

Workshop Materials

Tools we will use during the workshop:

  • A unix-like command line prompt
  • A recent version of git
  • Latest stable Ruby 2.1.x, 2.2.x, or 2.3.x
  • Latest stable Nodejs (currently 4.3.x); your mileage may vary with 5.7.x due to the rapidly changing nature of the tools we are working with.

If you are not a regular command line user the workshop presentors will provide an alternative way to engage with the exercises.


Axa Liauw Axa Liauw