Linked Data Learning, Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

Ready to harness the power of linked data but don’t know where to start? This hands-on workshop will move you from a bystander to an active participant in the new frontier of linked data in just a few hours. We will begin with a basic overview of linked data principles before diving into techniques and tools for consuming and producing linked data. Participants will actively manipulate linked data graphs using several tools and programming languages, including Ruby, PHP, Javascript and SPARQL. We’ll review RDFa, JSON-LD serializations, framing and how JSON-LD can be used to easily publish linked data. Participants will practice using framing to publish an existing JSON document as linked data and adding RDFa to an HTML document.

To Dos Before Workshop

  1. Participant Survey Help us tailor the session to the groups needs!
  2. Install jena-fuseki1-1.3.1
  3. Load sample data into Fuseki
    • Download the sample data files -
    • Unzip the sample data which will contain three files
    • Change into the fuseki directory on your computer
    • Start Fuseki
      • You want to start the server so that it allows update and the data is permanently stored
      • ./fuseki-server --update --loc={path_to_storage}/c4lpc /c4lpc
    • Go to - http://localhost:3030/control-panel.tpl
    • Select the /c4lpc dataset
    • File upload the sample data files one at a time
    • Stop Fuseki

    If you have trouble with Fuseki and the data don’t worry too much. We’ll have a copy of Fuseki with the the data set running on an web accessible server. We’d just like folks to run it locally “just in case” there are connectivity issues.
  4. Install a Linked Data Library in your language of choice
    The ones listed below are the ones we're familiar with and/or use
    If you don’t consider yourself a coder, no worries we have a version of this portion of the hands on which requires no programming experience.

Optional Additional Readings