Measuring Your Metadata

Tools and standards abound for creating and enriching metadata, but measuring, monitoring, and managing metadata for the long haul can be a daunting task. What tools are out there to assess the shape of our metadata? How can visualizations show us the gaps or flaws in our description? What can web traffic analytics tell us about the value of our metadata? What is quality, really? We certainly don’t have all the answers, but together we can workshop the questions. Specific topics will be driven by the interest of attendees. The organizers will bring examples of their own work at NYPL in visualization, data analysis with Python, and Google analytics assessment and invite participants to bring their own tools and strategies to share in group discussion, short demos, and hands-on breakout sessions. Takeaways will include: exposure to approaches and tools in use in the field and an expanded network of commiserators to help you through your next metadata audit.


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1) We're planning to split our time into three sections: discussion, lightning talks/demos, and hands-on toolsharing. We want to make this session as useful as possible for all of you, so we'd like to hear more about what you'd like to get out of it. Please complete this brief questionnaire as soon as it's convenient.

2) Do you have metadata assessment projects, tools, scripts, or other topics you'd like to present in a lightning talk? Works in progress are more than welcome and encouraged. Sign up for a 5-ish minute talk here.

3) Would you like to teach a tool, script, technique, etc. for assessing or visualizing metadata? Sign up to lead a hands-on group here. (Please also sign up to give a quick lightning talk to give everyone an idea of what you'll be teaching.) We'll follow up with you regarding any software or dependencies participants will want to install ahead of time.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have questions about this session or suggestions for talks and toolsharing.