The "Getting Ready for Workshops" Workshop

This workshop will be an informal and participatory session designed to help attendees prepare for code-related activities at Code4Lib and beyond. The intended audience is people who are new to coding or Code4Lib, or people who want help preparing their Mac or PC conference laptop for code workshops. The workshop facilitators will provide an overview and some hands-on time to prepare for five elements of code workshops: using a text editor; using the command line interface; setting up environment variables; running a virtual environment in Virtual Box; and installing a programming language (Python). We’ll also share general troubleshooting methods and tips to help you get the most out of code workshops.

Please note: you need not install anything before the workshop! However, if you’d like to download installers beforehand, this may speed the workshop process and ease the strain on the wi-fi. We will have all the relevant installers and files on flash drives that we can also pass around in case of wi-fi troubles.


Robin Dean Robin Dean